The Old Raahe Experiences

The old part of Raahe is one of the best preserved 19th century wooden towns in our country. The Old Raahe is not a museum district, but a living district that tells its story of the stages of building and living in the town from centuries back to the present day. There are also interesting museum sites in the Old Raahe. The Packhouse Museum is located on the premises of the former customs and warehouse building, which was completed in 1848. Among other things, there are artefacts from the sailing ship era and a significant collection of 17th-century church sculptures. Perhaps the most famous attraction in Raahe, the “Old Gentleman”, the world’s oldest diving suit, is located in the Crown Granary.

The history of the Old Raahe opens up the best through a guided tour. Do you want to book a walking tour of the Old Raahe or would you like your own ghost tour instead? Raahe Tourist Guides work as our partners and are responsible for the high-quality guidance.