When you step into the sauna, all the busyness, stress, undone chores and schedules will disappear. Treat yourself with the heat of the sauna and a mind-travel into the lives of people who used to live on this historical courtyard. The Captain’s Sauna is a traditional wood-burning sauna in Old Raahe.

The Captain’s Sauna is located in the old courtyard of Captain Himanka, right next to the Trade House of Lang. The sauna was renovated in the spring of 2020. The sauna has sturdy, on-site built aspen benches and a large wood-burning stove with 400 kg of stones. The laundry room is connected to the sauna. The sauna facilities include a dressing room and a sauna room where you can sit in the evening and enjoy a sauna meal.

The water enters the sauna with a bucket and a bucket of water. The captains of the captain’s sauna can accommodate 9 people at a time and about 18 people can enjoy a sauna meal at the tables in the sauna room. In the gentle steam of the captain’s sauna, time stops, and the mind calms down.
Book a sauna for a private event and spend an atmospheric sauna with your own group or combine the sauna with a meeting or empty day! General sauna times for women and men are also available on summer Saturdays in July.