Emperor Alexander | mystery dinner

Enjoy the historical dinner and solve the mystery

During the dinner you travel 200 years back in time all the way to the 2nd of September 1819 when the Emperor of Russia, Alexander I and his entourage visited Raahe. Merchant Mr Frieman offered bed and board to the entourage along with a delicious dinner in the honour of the Emperor.
The Emperor was well known of his fear of assassination and now the assassin is among the dinnerparty! You can participate this exciting mystery dinner along with the most wealthy bourgeois, the entire emperor’s party and of course the Emperor himself. The assassin behind the murder plan will be revealed during the dinner or will he be caught in the end after all? Solve the identity of the assassin and enjoy historical delicacies in magnificent surroundings.

MYSTERY DINNERThe dinner consists of authentic delicacies of the 1800s’, prepared from fresh and local ingredients in the kitchen of the Tradehouse. Dishes served during the dinner are known to have been enjoyed by the Emperor’s entourage during their stay in Raahe. The story has it that the Emperor himself, in the fear of assassination, enjoyed only broth. The assortment of wild fish is provided by the fishermen of Raahe from local waters. During the evening, old recipes and events come to life!

  • Mystery dinner based on true events
  • Local historical food
  • An unforgettable experience!
Good to know
All the necessary items for the mystery gameare provided. Book a Photographer from us. Ask for more: info@langinkauppahuone.fi +358 50 513 7750 Product availability: all year roundGametime and dinner: 2-3 hoursWhere: Langin Kauppahuone,Kirkkokatu 19, RaaheParticipants: 10 – 25 personsAge: over 18Languages: Finnish and English

Historical menuRaahe used to be a busy port in the 1800s’ trading to Europe, Mediterranean
countries as well as all the way to America. Raahe has a long tradition in fishing and fish dishes, because fish has
been available throughout the year.

In the old Raahe the nearby pastures and yards were filled with live stock such
as pigs, hens, cows and sheep. The farmers arrived with their horse-drawn
carriages into town for trading potatoes, swede and grain on the market

In the 1800s’ food was kept in the cellars and salt was an important ingredient
in the process. The sailors brought groceries like spices, salt, fruit and wine and
all kinds of commodities. The upper class feast could be exotic and tasteful and
new groceries found their way to the tables earlier than in other towns situated
further from the coast.

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