Kesto: 2-20min
Paikka: Langin Kauppahuone

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Langin Kauppahuone
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Time Travel at Lang’s (AR)

Bring Stories to Life!

At Lang’s, even paintings tell their own stories! Meet historical figures when you travel back in time at the Trade House of Lang. You can see what kind of stories they tell about life at the 19th century via AR (augmented reality). Download the app (Aikamatka Langilla), and the madams, the patron and the shop maidens will tell you stories!

On the walls of the hotel rooms and the rooms of the café-restaurant, there are paintings, which include stories. Time Travel at the Trade House of Lang (Aikamatka Langilla) is a free augmented reality application, which you can download to your mobile phone. With the app, the paintings on the walls at the Trade House of Lang will come to life!