Kesto: 6h
Paikka: Raahen Teatteri
Yhteistyössä: Raahen Teatteri, Raahen Matkailuoppaat

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Theatre and History – summer theatre and guided city tour and lunch in Old Raahe

Drama in the quarters of the Old Raahe. Summer theatre belongs to the Finnish summer!

Summer theatre is an essential part of experiencing the Finnish summer. The Raahe Theatre is located in an Art Nouveau-style house more than 100 years old, which was once built by the Salvation Army. Peace Army soldiers were trained here up until the 1980s. Already in the 1820s, a traveling theatre group has visited Raahe. “It was as if some kind of a frenzy had taken over the townspeople. Everyone wanted to visit the theatre. It was said that someone had pawned their silver spoons in order to pay for their admission. ” This was what one of contemporaries recalled. The long history of amateur theatre in Raahe began with that frenzy. The theatre functions inside the protected building during the winter season and in the courtyard of the house in the heart of old Raahe during the summer.

The theatre, and especially the summer theatre on the open-air stage, is an experience, whatever the weather. In Raahe, the experience is combined with the theatre’s location in a very unique setting in the old Raahe, one of Finland’s best-preserved wooden house areas from the 19th century. In addition to the summer, shows are organized, for instance, during Christmas party time.

  • DURATION 6 h
  • STARTING POINT Trade House of Lang, Kirkkokatu 19, 92100 Raahe or Raahe Theatre, Koulukatu 13, 92100 Raahe
  • GROUP SIZE 20 – 50 persons
  • AVAILABLE on theatre performance days
  • PRICE €47 / person
  • INCLUDES A theatre performance at the Raahe Theatre, dining at Raahe Court or at the Trade House of Lang, a guided walking tour of the old Raahe or a guided tour and coffee at the theatre before the performance.
  • EXTRA Transportation, additional services, accommodation.