Kesto: 24h
Paikka: Langin Kauppahuone
Yhteistyössä: MeriRaahe

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Langin Kauppahuone
puh 050 513 7750

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The sea, sauna and sweet dreams in the Old Raahe – sauna experience and accommodation in a boutique hotel

Spend an unforgettable day in an old trading house in the middle of the idyllic atmosphere of a 19th-century wooden house and visit the Raahe archipelago by one of its rare wooden lighthouses. On a sea trip, your eyes and mind rest in the marine nature. The coastal landscape changes a lot during one human life due to a powerful upthrust of the land. A moment at the foot of a historical wooden lighthouse will empower you and take you to the lives of former people living in the mercy of the sea. Peaceful sauna time with a touch of luxury brought by high-quality sauna products will set you up for a sweet night’s sleep in a unique room at the Trade House of Lang Boutique Hotel.

The small and agile MeriRaahe archipelago cruise ship takes you on a cruise to the Raahe archipelago, Nature Excursion Destination of 2016. You will visit by the historical wooden lighthouse on the island of Iso-Kraaseli. Back on land, at the Trade House of Lang boutique hotel, a wood-heated Captain’s Sauna awaits you. Relax and treat yourself to a small luxurious moment with wonderful sauna products. After the sauna, you will taste sweet dreams in an individual room. Start the next day with a good breakfast of freshly baked bread and local delicacies from the hotel’s own kitchen.

  • DURATION 24 h
  • STARTING POINT Trade House of Lang, Kirkkokatu 19, 92100 Raahe
  • GROUP SIZE 5-20 persons
  • AVAILABLE May-October every day
  • GUIDED / INDEPENDENT Activities guided
  • LANGUAGE OF GUIDANCE Finnish, English
  • PRICE €147 / person (incl. VAT)
  • INCLUDES Cruise in the Raahe archipelago, visit to the Iso-Kraaseli island, overnight stay in the Trade House of Lang boutique hotel, in a double room, breakfast, sauna in the Captain’s Sauna, towels and sauna products.
  • ACCESSIBILITY The Trade House of Lang has unobstructed access. The sauna is not wheelchair accessible, there is a wheelchair access next to the boat and access to the boat will be assisted if necessary.
  • PLEASE NOTE The sites follow the instructions of the health authorities; cleaning and hygiene measures have been added. Masks and hand sanitizers are available. There is a frost limit -20C for heating of the sauna.
    EXTRA Overnight stay in a single room and meals