Kesto: 1-3h
Paikka: Kylmäniemmi
Yhteistyössä: SUP Siniaalto

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SUP Boarding

Experience SUP boarding! SUP boarding is well suited as a side programme for a company meeting day or a wellbeing day. SUP boarding increases concentration, skills as there is no time to think about anything other than what is being done on the board. This is actually a mindfulness exercise at its best – very therapeutic, soothing and empowering.

When on a SUP board, you will focus on doing your own thing, not competing or comparing yourself to others, and at the same time creating an opportunity to experience feelings of success and winning yourself.

This sport activates the muscles of the whole body and develops balance and acts as a physically empowering sport, which is perfect for all ages. SUP boarding takes you to nature and lets you explore the waters, away from the usual everyday patterns. It is a way to explore the nature and offers a summer highlight for many. We will be happy to tailor a course for your group!