Kesto: 45min
Paikka: Langin Kauppahuone

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Langin Kauppahuone
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Life at the Trade House of Lang, a story session at a historical trade house

In the old Raahe, you step into the middle of history. Authentic stories come to life in a historical setting at the Trade House of Lang, and you can explore the historical everyday life in the house on a guided tour. The everyday life at the Trade House of Lang is run by bakers, maids and a shop maiden under the leadership of the Lang Madam, and the lively buzz fills the historical building. The Trade House of Lang has been restored to its 19th-century appearance. Indoors, each room reflects the era of sailing ships. The small town of Raahe was once an international seafaring town, where the visits of both the king and the emperor brought colour to the everyday life. The merchant Lang built the Trade House of Lang for selling land. The largest trading house in Northern Finland had two shops, a brewery, a captain's room, a shop maiden's room, and accommodation for the peasants and merchants, and for their horses, who came to the trading house to do business.

At the Trade House of Lang, you will hear stories told by the madam, patron or maid of Lang House about the colourful history and life at the trading house in 19th century Raahe. During the tour, you will enjoy a piece of cake from the maiden’s cake selection, and coffee or tea. The Trade House of Lang, coffee is always drunk out of rose porcelain cups, and a refill is always included in the price. You will find the most exciting gifts in the gift shop.

  • DURATION 45 minutes
  • STARTING POINT Trade House of Lang, Kirkkokatu 19, 92100 Raahe
  • GROUP SIZE 1-15 persons
  • AVAILABLE All year round, Mon-Sat
  • LANGUAGE OF GUIDANCE Finnish, English
  • PRICE €19/person (incl. VAT) Ask for a group price.
  • INCLUDES Pastry, coffees and stories from the Trade House of Lang told by a lady, a patron or a maid.
  • ACCESSIBILITY The Trade House of Lang has unobstructed access.
  • PLEASE NOTE The location follows the instructions of the health authorities; cleaning and hygiene measures have been added. Hand sanitizer and masks are provided.
  • EXTRA Lunch, accommodation, group dinner.