Kesto: 4h
Paikka: Raahen Taitopaja
Yhteistyössä: Raahen Taitopaja, Raahen Matkailuoppaat

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Himmeli Workshop – a guided workshop visit, a city tour, and coffee in Wanha Raahe

In the unique setting of the old foundry, you can fall in love with the ceiling full of straw mobile decorations, himmeli, at Raahe Taitopaja. There are more than 150 different traditional and modern straw mobile decorations on display. At the workshop you will hear the story of the himmeli tradition and the “magic of straw”. In the workshop, products are made respecting old handicraft traditions, in addition to himmeli, there are products such as cast bronze items, glass products, candles and Raahe dogs figurines made through porcelain casting. However, in the himmeli workshop, we do not just look at the himmeli, but we make our own decoration from either glass or natural material of your choice, using traditional himmeli technique. In addition to working, we take a coffee break with something sweet. And if you really get into the himmeli making, there are 28 different do-it-yourself himmeli packages with instructions in the workshop to take home with you. Tuija Rajamäki, who has been passionate about himmeli for almost 40 years, is in charge of directing you at the workshop.

On a guided city tour, you will get to know the Old Raahe with its interesting stories, and at the end of the tour, you can enjoy coffee and snacks at the atmospheric Trade House of Lang café in the middle of the historical wooden town of Raahe. A city tour can be done either on foot or on your tour bus.

Himmeli is an ancient Nordic decoration. The tradition has come to Finland through Sweden, and the name himmeli refers to the Swedish word himmel, meaning heaven. These celestial decorations are more than Christmas decorations, in the old days they were considered to bring good luck for the harvest. The bigger the himmeli, the more handsome harvest could be expected. Raahe Taitopaja offers experiences in the unique environment of the foundry founded in 1955. On the edge of Pekka Square, in the gentle unhurried atmosphere of Trade House of Lang, the mind rests, or sets off with the stories of the trading house and the city's historical townspeople.

  • DURATION 4 h
  • STARTING POINT Raahe Taitopaja, Pajakatu 4, 92100 Raahe
  • GROUP SIZE 6 - 15 persons
  • AVAILABLE All year round, Mon-Sat 10 - 16
  • GUIDED In the languages ​​of instruction FI, EN
  • PRICE €51.45 (incl. VAT) / person
  • INCLUDES Presentation at the old foundry's Taitopaja, making a himmeli decoration, a coffee break at the Taitopaja, a guided tour or walking tour, coffee and pastries at the Trade House of Lang.
  • ACCESSIBILITY Both Raahe Taitopaja and Trade House of Lang have unobstructed access, both sites are suitable for people with reduced mobility.
  • NOTE The Trade House of Lang and Raahe Taitopaja follow the instructions of the health authorities; cleaning and hygiene measures have been added. Hand sanitizer and masks are provided.
  • EXTRA FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE Meals and overnight stays at the Trade House of Lang, transfers between destinations and during the sightseeing tour.