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Guided Museum Visits

Right in the heart of old Raahe, there are two interesting museums. The Packhouse Museum is the oldest local museum in Finland, and the Sovelius House hosts the Ship Patron’s Home Museum.

The Packhouse guided tour includes introductions to e.g. Raahe’s ship sailing era, the Raahe style life and events in the 19the century, sculptures in the Raahe old church from the 17th century, an old children’s room with old toys, and the museum’s first curio exhibition on sailors’ souvenirs from around the world.

The Crown Granary guided tour can be tailor-made in length and contents to suit the needs and wishes of the group. During the tour, you will get to know the Raahe history from the prehistorical times all the way to the recent times. The exhibition at the Crown Granary is created with an idea of “less items, more informative content”. The information is presented to a great deal in digital format with slide shows, games, animations, and multimedia. The Crown Granary includes a real historical gem: the world’s oldest diving suit, the Old Gentleman.

The Sovelius House includes the Shipowner’s Home. During the guided tour, you will hear what the 19th century bourgeois house was like and what kind of life was led in it. In December, the Sovelius House is decorated for Christmas, and the guides tell you also about old, Christmas-related customs.