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Emperor Alexander I’s Mystery Dinner

The plot of the mystery dinner is built around a true story, as Emperor Alexander I was afraid of an assassin while visiting Raahe on September 2, 1819. In the game, you will find out who was behind the assassination plan! The historical menu served during the evening is compiled from the delicacies of the era and is made from local ingredients. Assemble your own team and bring your guests to a unique mystery night!

On the 2nd of September 1819, the town was in the midst of a real festive atmosphere, when the Russian Emperor Alexander I arrived in Raahe to visit as part of his trip to Finland. The emperor is very taken aback by the hospitality and kindness of the townspeople, and he smiles especially warmly at several locals maidens who respond equally warmly to the gaze of this apparently beautiful charmer.

At the emperor’s banquet, however, locals are amazed at the emperor’s refusal to many of the offered delicacies, and he is said to have contented himself only with sucking the broth prepared by his butler. The reason for this will soon become clear: the emperor suspects the assassin is present and his life threatened!

This is the suspenseful start for the Imperial secret plan, where you can visit that exciting day when the safety of the emperor of Imperial Russia –  and thus also of Finland – was threatened.

Who wants the emperor to die and why?

In this game, you can be one of the emperor’s dinner guests and try to figure out who is threatening Alexander’s life. The game is for 10-25 people and it takes about an hour and a half. The game is played while enjoying delicious food prepared according to the spirit of the time.

Talk, be inquisitive and try to reason. Develop theories and weigh alternatives with each other. Otherwise, you will soon find that the emperor can also be very strict to those who threaten him, and he may suspect you…