kapteenin saunan lauteet
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Paikka: Langin Kauppahuone
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Captain’s Sauna

When you step into the sauna, all the busyness, stress, undone chores and schedules will disappear. Treat yourself with the heat of the sauna and travel in your mind into the lives of people who used to live on this historical courtyard.

When you step on the historical yard of this sauna, you travel back in time back to the 19th century. The log-built sauna is heated with wood. Inside the sauna, the benches are made out of aspen and specially carved by craftsmen for this sauna.

Water is carried in buckets to the sauna and ladled out of the bucket using a scoop. You can have 9 persons in the Captain’s Sauna at one time and fit 18 persons around the tables in the sauna lounge to eat and drink afterwards. Surrounded by the gentle steam and heat in the Captain’s Sauna, all your daily stresses and busyness will surely disappear.

Spend an atmospheric sauna evening with a group of friends or include sauna to your meeting or company wellbeing day.