Kesto: 4h
Paikka: Raahen Taitopaja, Lapaluodon grafiikanpaja, Langin Kauppahuone
Yhteistyössä: Raahen Taitopaja, Lapaluodon gafiikanpaja

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Langin Kauppahuone
puh 050 513 7750

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Art Workshops – a guided workshop visit, a city tour and lunch

“The glow of His soul, the innermost zeal He sheds light on His work with copper. He believed in his work that he would do a miracle: The dream of the great must be fulfilled! ”*

Art is made with a burning passion and a big heart. At Raahe Taitopaja, you can still see traditional metal casting, as well as countless traditional and glass himmeli and skilful glass works. In the graphic workshop of Lapaluoto, in the picturesque district of Lapaluoto of the town, art touches on history in an exuberant environment. The work demonstration introduces you to the different techniques of graphic art.

During the day, you will visit the Raahe Taitopaja at the old foundry and the Lapaluoto graphic workshop under the guidance of the artists of the workshops. With work demonstrations, you get close to making art and the traditional and newer techniques of handicraft. A guided tour between the workshops will take you to the Old Raahe. The tour can be done on foot or by bus. You will enjoy a delicious lunch at the Trade House of Lang. Both art workshops and the Trade House of Lang have shops where you can find high-quality, unique gifts to take home.

* The watchmaker’s dream, Viljo Tuomela 2020

  • DURATION 4 hours
  • STARTING POINT Raahe Taitopaja, Pajakatu 4, 92100 Raahe
  • GROUP SIZE 10 – 30 persons
  • AVAILABLE All year round, Mon-Sat 10 am-4pm
  • PRICE €40.95 (incl. VAT) / person
  • INCLUDES Presentations and work demonstrations in workshops and galleries, tour guide, lunch.
  • ACCESSIBILITY Raahe Taitopaja and the Trade House of Lang have unobstructed access, both sites are suitable for people with reduced mobility. Lapaluoto Graphic Workshop is not an accessible venue.
  • NOTE The sites follow the instructions of the health authorities; cleaning and hygiene measures have been added. Hand sanitizers and masks are also available for visitors.
  • EXTRA Transportation between destinations and guided tour, accommodation and additional meals.