Dressed in servants’ outfits from the 1860s, the staff at the Trade House of Lang greet visitors with smiles. The colourful décor includes a lot of beautiful details, which you can look at while spending time in our peaceful environment.

Cakes Selection

The glass shelves of the café are filled each morning with delicacies created in the Lang House kitchen. The baker starts the day by baking sweet and savoury treats, both based on recipes of the old Lang Cookbook and also modern creations such as cheese cakes, pies, cakes and sweet buns. Gluten free delicacies are baked every day too. Finnish berries are used in baking and preserves.

Enjoy coffee

At Lang’s, you will drink coffee out of beautiful porcelain cups, and don’t worry if you quickly drink your first cup, as you’ll get a free refill. Tea is brewed using the high-quality teas we also sell in our shop. Enjoy the café’s delicacies in an historical atmosphere!