We have created an example of a memorable meeting day

We offer services full with experiences in a unique setting. Just choose what you want to be included in your special company meeting or wellbeing day! Contact us and let’s build a day to remember for you! See below more details of available activities and services. Request for a quote by filling in the form below.

Experience the Raahe Archipelago

Company Wellbeing Days in Raahe

Feel the sun on your face when you paddle with a kayak on the wavy sea or when you are on a boat travelling towards the archipelago surrounded by noisy seagulls. Let the cold, frosty air make your cheeks rosy while you are snowshoeing or riding a fatbike towards the break place to grill sausages or have coffee prepared in the old-fashioned way on the camp fire. Enjoy an exquisite archipelago-themed dinner in the middle of the historical wood-built Raahe. The day can end with a relaxing sauna on the original Raahe courtyard.

Experience the Raahe Archipelago

Company Wellbeing Days in Raahe

MeriRaahe, Botnia Outdoor, and the Trade House of Lang give you an opportunity to recharge yourself and relax in nature while enjoying high-quality travel services. Programme for your company wellbeing day is tailor-made according to your company’s needs.

The day will start with a trip to the Raahe Archipelago. Depending on the season, the trip will be done either by sea or on snow. During the summer, the journey to the chosen island is done either on a kayak or Sa UP board, or on a boat if you so wish. You can also choose fatbiking along the Raahe coastal paths as a nature trip. In the winter, the trip is done either wearing backcountry skis or riding a fatbike. A sledge bus can also take the participants to the destination. By the camp fire, you can grill sausages and drink coffee.

Experience the Raahe Archipelago

Company Wellbeing Days in Raahe

The wellbeing day for your company or work team will continue with a meeting or a training after you get back to town. A delicious archipelago-themed dinner will be served by maids dressed in the sailing ship era themed outfits at the historical Trade House of Lang, which is renovated to its former glory. At the end of the day, your work team can relax in the Captain’s Sauna, which is located on the courtyard of the Sea Captain Himanka’s home.

The trips to the Raahe Archipelago depend on the weather, due to which the destination may vary. The meals include meat, fish and vegetarian options. Please let us know about possible special diets when you make the reservation. For sauna, there are towels on the house.

Memorable Meeting Days

Lang offers an excellent setting for a memorable meeting day! Each meeting room has its own atmosphere. Combine marine experiences with a day trip to an island or a guided paddling trip. We have put together suggestions for a programme for a meeting day on this page.

We will serve lunch in the Fredrik’s Hall. There are suitable, different-sized spaces available, whether it is a brainstorming session, an important meeting day, a training session, or a lecture. Facilities include a flipchart/whiteboard, a screen, a data projector / screen, Wi-Fi as well as a sound system on request. The video projectors have HDMI and VGA connectors. A high-quality Jabra PanaCast conference speaker and camera system for video calls and online conferencing is also available.

Make time for important things – book a package that includes a meeting venue, meals, sauna and the accommodation. Add a relaxed trip to the sea to the package or take your team to a craft workshop! Contact us and we will create a package which suits you!

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We have created an example of an exciting meeting day

We offer high-quality services in a unique environment, and you can choose the best ingredients for a memorable company meeting or wellbeing day! Contact us, and we will build you an unforgettable day. See below for more information on activities and services. Request a quote by using the form below.


Why not join an enjoyable sea cruise in the Raahe Archipelago! Hop on a 1.5-2-hour long cruise in the Raahe Archipelago. During the cruise, weather permitting, you will visit the Iso-Kraaseli Island and have a coffee break ashore.


Paddling is a great way to enjoy the calm Raahe waters, which in connection to the gorgeous Raahe archipelago offer one of the best paddling destinations in Finland. The guided paddling trip includes equipment and the guide’s services, so you can practice padding in a safe company. Length: 1-3 hours. The trip can also be planned according to the time available and the skills of the group.

SUP Boarding

Spend a nice summer’s day on a SUP board! The Pikkulahti Bay, which opens up from the Raahe Museonranta Beach offers an excellent place for SUP boarding thanks to the calm waters in this secluded area. On the Pikkulahti Bay, you can also hone your SUP boarding skills without having to worry about waves, streams or any other dangers. Also, more experienced SUP boarding enthusiasts can find interesting spots nearby. Length: 1-2 hours.

Guided Walk in Old Raahe

The Old Raahe walk explores the colourful history of the town, and you will hear stories of the life in Raahe in the olden times and learn about sailors and bourgeois families. The walk will take you to the Sea Captain’s House to hear what life was like in it back in the day. The stories you hear will include enduring love, trickster pranks, and awful events that have occurred in the past. The walk will take an hour and is disabled-accessible.

Guided Bus Tour in Raahe

The bus tour in Raahe introduces you both to the older and newer parts of the town. The tour will go first through the narrow streets of Old Raahe and afterwards introduces newer neighbourhoods. During the tour, you will see the Canal of Beauty, old teachers’ seminar, the hospital, and parts of the town built in different decades, which all tell their own stories. The tour takes an hour and can also be tailor-made to suit the client’s wishes.

Visit to the Foundry (Taitopaja)

This house is full of hanging decorations – mobiles, both modern and new models. Raahen Taitopaja is a place which offer all kinds of wonderful things to look at in an old foundry workshop. You can explore the activities of the foundry, the Finnish straw mobile tradition, how to make Raahe dog figurines, and glass products. The foundry visit can also include a foundry work demonstration.

Guided Museum Visits

Right in the heart of Old Raahe, there are two interesting museums. The Packhouse Museum is the oldest local museum in Finland, and the Sovelius House hosts the Ship Patron’s Home Museum.

The Packhouse guided tour includes introductions to e.g. Raahe’s ship sailing era, the Raahe style life and events in the 19the century, sculptures in the Raahe old church from the 17th century, an old children’s room with old toys, and the museum’s first curio exhibition on sailors’ souvenirs from around the world.

The Crown Granary guided tour can be tailor-made in length and contents to suit the needs and wishes of the group. During the tour, you will get to know the Raahe history from the prehistorical times all the way to the recent times. The exhibition at the Crown Granary is created with an idea of “less items, more informative content”. The information is presented to a great deal in digital format with slide shows, games, animations, and multimedia. The Crown Granary includes a real historical gem: the world’s oldest diving suit, the Old Gentleman.

The Sovelius House includes the Shipowner’s Home. During the guided tour, you will hear what the 19th century bourgeois house was like and what kind of life was led in it. In December, the Sovelius House is decorated for Christmas, and the guides tell you also about old, Christmas-related customs.

Captain’s Sauna

Surrounded by the gentle steam and heat from the 400-kg sauna stove, all your daily stresses and busyness will surely disappear. Water for washing up is heated on the side of the stove, just like it was done in the old times, and ladled out of the bucket using a scoop. The peaceful sauna experience is ideal for groups of 10-12 persons. After sauna, you can have something suitably savoury to eat with cold beverages. Come and enjoy the real wood-burning sauna at the courtyard of Captain Himanka’s house.

Emperor Alexander I’s Mystery Dinner

On the 2nd of September 1819, the town was in the midst of a real festive atmosphere, when the Russian Emperor Alexander I arrived in Raahe to visit as part of his trip to Finland. The emperor is very taken aback by the hospitality and kindness of the townspeople, and he smiles especially warmly at several locals maidens who respond equally warmly to the gaze of this apparently beautiful charmer.

At the emperor’s banquet, however, locals are amazed at the emperor’s refusal to many of the offered delicacies, and he is said to have contented himself only with sucking the broth prepared by his butler. The reason for this will soon become clear: the emperor suspects the assassin is present and his life is threatened!

The game starts from this suspenseful setting, where you can for a moment visit that exciting day when the safety of the emperor of Imperial Russia – and thus also of Finland – was threatened.

Who wants the emperor to die and why?

In this game, you can be one of the emperor’s dinner guests and try to figure out who is threatening Alexander’s life. The game is for 10-25 people and it takes about an hour and a half. The game is played while enjoying delicious food prepared according to the spirit of the time.

Talk, be inquisitive and try to reason. Develop theories and weigh alternatives with each other. Otherwise, you will soon find that the emperor can also be very strict to those who threaten him, and he may suspect you…

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Experiences in the Raahe Archipelago and the Old Raahe Atmosphere

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